Class Overview

Spring Creek School’s prekindergarten program is language rich. It allows children time to explore and discover at their own rate.

  • The Core Knowledge Sequence 2 Curriculum ensures the children receive a well rounded educational experience that includes language skills, math, science, social studies, music, and art.
  • Experienced teachers guide the young child’s development, taking into account each child’s competencies and experiences, allowing the child to attain higher levels of learning and understanding.

The Details

Each school day is filled with play, learning, exploring, and new experiences. A large playground with lots of grassy areas and “fun equipment” is available for outdoor play and an indoor gym is always waiting for those “too cold or too wet” days.

Age Group
4 Years Old
Class Size
12 Children Per Teacher
$60 Per Day*

*per day is based on full day, 5 days per week price


Core Knowledge Sequence II Curriculum provides a solid, coherent foundation for the following kindergarten year.


Daily communication is provided through chats, newsletters, e-mail, and a message board. A partnership between parent and teacher is created, to promote mutual respect and open communication.


Observation based assessments and parent teacher conferences are scheduled each year.


Well balanced, nutritious snacks and lunches are provided to each child in attendance. Children learn about nutrition, exercise, and “yummy” foods to eat.


A low staff to child ratio of 12 to 1 is maintained, to provide children with the individual attention that they need and deserve.


Prekindergarten at Spring Creek School is available two to five days per week and can be scheduled as a minimal or full day program.Extended day activities are available and are included in the prekindergarten tuition rates.

What The Parents Say


Full Day

5 days – $303
4 days – $273
3 days – $224
2 days – $156
1 day – $83

Half Day

5 days – $268
4 days – $231
3 days – $182
2 days – $127
1 day – $73


Must be 4 years old by September 15

This class is one years before kindergarten