Class Overview

Our Blossoms program incorporates activity and learning areas that provide for a quiet area, sensory center, manipulative center, creative center, and gross motor skill activities.

  • A safe environment providing children freedom to move around, explore, and experiment.
  • A very special “toddler gym” built just for them. It is an exciting place for toddlers to stretch and move, develop strong muscles and coordination, and have fun.
  • Blossoms playground is a transition to our big playground

The Details

Weekly activities are focused around a central theme. The classroom organization offers small group interaction and opportunities for learning through discovery. Exploring art materials and experiencing music, dance, and drama enrich the classroom.

Age Group
30 Months*
Class Size
8 Children Per Teacher
$70 Per Day*

*per day is based on full day, 5 days per week price


The Creative Curriculum for Toddlers and Twos focuses on fostering and understanding the development of a toddler.


Family culture is important to your toddler. Parents and professionals are natural partners in promoting each toddlers growth and development. We encourage you to share special talents, cultures, and celebrations with all of our toddlers.


Understanding each child’s temperament, interests, cultures, and emerging capabilities is vital to the happiness of a toddler.


Nutritious snacks and lunches are provided each day.


By teachers who respect the child and interact in caring ways and are knowledgeable in child development and appropriate programing.


Environments that are safe, healthy, and contain a variety of toys and materials that are both stimulating and familiar. Toddlers are active learners. They are learning to trust the world, to actively explore their environment, and to do things for themselves.

What The Parents Say


Full Day

5 days – $354
4 days – $303
3 days – $240
2 days – $171
1 day – $92

Half Day

5 days – $275
4 days – $239
3 days – $193
2 days – $138
1 day – $82


Must be potty trained and 30 months or 3 years old after September 15.